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As I am the only developer on this project, the number of hours I am working on Quadropoly is limited to 30-50 per week. These hours are what I am spending on top of my regular full time job.

Localisation plans:

Game will get translated into languages of many countries and 1 or more cities from that country will become a new board. Every city will get a set of unique Chance and Chest cards applicable to that city. Each country would take between 1 and 2 months to implement and translate, and the order will be defined by the following parameters, starting from those having the highest weight:

  1. Average rating of the game from people of that country for Quadropoly Pro
  2. Number of downloads from given country for Quadropoly Pro
  3. Average rating of the game from people of that country for free version of Quadropoly
  4. Number of downloads from given country for free version of Quadropoly

I will try to keep the localisation plans as transparent as possible, with the table below updated regularly. Current order of the localisation plans according to the weights and parameters above is as follows:

  1. Russia
  2. Germany
  3. Spain
  4. Italy
  5. Poland
  6. Indonesia
  7. Turkey
  8. Brazil
  9. Thailand
  10. France
  11. Hong Kong
  12. Malaysia

For example, Germany is going to get its own city (Berlin?) with custom Chance and Chest cards and game being translated to German in 2-3 months, if the number of downloads and ratings average would stay the same.

Other features in working queue:

  • Hints with advanced game tactics
  • Vertical layout of the screen
  • Board constructor, which would allow players to create their own boards, Chance and Chest cards, set the rent etc
  • More challenges
  • Full replay capabilities which would allow the player to see the whole game as a movie, even if it was not finished. Completed game replays could be shared between players. The size of the data package to send will not exceed 10 Kb (10 Kb, not Mb, not bad for a 10-15 minutes movie)
  • Design and graphics improvements
  • Reworking everything (not for the first time either!) from 2d and pseudo 3d to actual 3d graphics
  • New AI tactics
  • In-game events, affecting all players
  • Additional customization of the rules, advanced settings
  • Increase the maximum number of players to 6
  • Special content and other bonuses for reaching 1000 score points, 3000, 5000, 10000 etc on Monopolist level
  • Custom leaderboards which would allow sharing all or some game replays with anybody if player wishes to do so
  • Competitions, Tournaments and PvP leaderboards and achievements
  • Additional cities to conquer with different sets of Chance and Chest cards as well as unique locations
  • Network multiplayer games.¬†When implemented, players scores will be used to find people of similar level. It is already possible to have more than 1 player, but all the people would have to use the same device to play (hot seat¬†style)
  • More sound effects